Authentic "Company Town" of the 1920s

New in the Village

September 2021

Ouiatchouan trail open until Friday, September 24


Please note that the Ouiatchouan trail (section of Crown Park) will close on September 24. Thank you all for this great season.

August 2021

important information - Vaccination passport

As of September 1, 2021, according to the directives of the Government of Quebec, all visitors 13 years of age and over must present their vaccination passport and an identity document in order to access the Historical Village of Val-Jalbert.

People without a vaccination passport will not be able to access:

• Historic village and its activities

• restaurant

• Accommodation in the heart of the village

It will be possible to access the following services without proof of vaccination:

• The Val-Jalbert campsite

• The Val-Jalbert mini-chalets

It is possible to present your vaccination passport in paper format, PDF format on your mobile device or from the VaxiCode application.

For people who bought 2021 day tickets and planned to visit after August 31, 2021 and who do not have a vaccination passport, you will be able to keep your ticket for a future visit during the 2022 season.

For those who have an Attraction Passport, the Historical Village cannot reimburse. We invite you to contact those responsible for this passport directly, by email at the following address:

People traveling to Quebec will need to present proof of identity with photo and proof, provided by their country or Canadian province, that they have received two doses of a recognized vaccine.

For Val-Jalbert 2021-2022 season pass holders, no refund is possible as this is a force majeure measure beyond our control.

For any questions related to the season cards, contact us by email at For any questions related to the vaccine passport in Val-Jalbert, do not hesitate to contact our team by email or phone: - 418-275-3132

July 2021

Val-Jalbert ouvert for the Canada Holiday

The historic village of Val-Jalbert and all its services will be open as usual on June 24th and July 1st. Happy festivity to all!

April 2021

Foire à l'emploi 3 avril

N'oubliez pas, demain 3 avril

March 2021

Soirée nocturne du 26 mars annulé

La soirée nocturne prévue au dépliant d'activités du village le 26 mars prochain sera finalement annulé en raison des conditions météorologiques. 

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