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Authentic "Company Town" of the 1920s

Sustainable development

It was in 2018, in partnership with the Quebec center for sustainable development, that the administration officially adopted its sustainable development policy.

Completed actions


  • Purchase of 2 mini electric vans to replace 2 gasoline vehicles
  • Carbon offsetting of the 55,000 km traveled by trolleybuses by planting trees
  • Reduction of 2/3 of leaflets printed by the Historic Village in favor of digital alternatives


  • Replacing chemicals for disinfection with an aqueous ozone system requiring only water.


  • Collect and use rainwater using rain barrels
  • Sustainable development section on our website
  • Reduction of the simultaneous use of heating and air conditioning in the reception pavilion
  • Monitoring of electricity, water consumption and the proportion of recycling waste


  • Promotion campaign "W'eau" to raise awareness of visitors and employees about saving water
  • Staff awareness and training in sustainable development practices
  • Installation of charging stations for electric vehicles
  • Increase the use of reusable or eco-friendly tableware, utensils
  • Establishment of a sustainable development committee
  • Distribute flyers to campers to educate them about saving water and electricity
  • Use recycled paper leaflet
  • Homemade food production

Our strategic objectives

Economic thematic

Sustainability of the organization

Encourage responsible projects and investments, which are consistent with the values ​​of the organization.

Purchasing and supply practices

Integrate sustainable development criteria into all purchasing and supply processes.

Social thematic

Impact on local development

Encourage the participation of as many people as possible in activities that have a considerable positive impact and added value for the community.

Health and security

Establish a set of favorable conditions to limit risks and ensure a safe environment, both for visitors and for employees.

Environmental thematic

Residual materials management

Ensure responsible management of residual materials across all of the company's activities and operations.

Water Management

Continue awareness and reduction efforts to ensure responsible water management

Residual materials management

Ensure responsible management of residual materials across all of the company's activities and operations.

Transversal thematic

Organizational strategy

Make the company's strategies and orientations consistent with the SD approach Align the development plan (and the projects planned therein) with the elements of strategic definition of the organization (mission, vision, values, SD)

Responsibility for products and services

Multiply the tools to know and increase the level of satisfaction of different clienteles with the services and activities offered. Document and know the profile and characteristics of the company's suppliers.


Establish mechanisms to consult the key people (internal and external) of the organization in order to improve and validate the

For any comments or suggestion on our sustainable development strategy, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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