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Authentic "Company Town" of the 1920s

Guided tours

Guided tours

Guided tours

Canadian signature expériences

Discover what makes Val-Jalbert a Canadian signature experience by traveling in the 1920s in this unique open-air museum, showcasing an authentic company village with over forty original buildings.  

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Jump aboard the Balade (trolleybus) where you’ll hear an array of true stories and revealing anecdotes about the activities of the workers, the region’s history and daily life in the village. The experienced team of actors portraying real townspeople from Val-Jalbert history will enlighten, entertain and move you. You can even experience citizenship yourself by sleeping in one of the beautifully renovated original houses at the heart of the village.

The highlight of the tour remains the impressive Ouiatchouan Falls, located by the pulp mill, which are higher than Niagara Falls at an impressive 236 feet. Five viewpoints and many stairs and trails surrounding the Ouiatchouan Falls allow visitors to admire the roaring Falls.  Following the guided tour, you can ride the cable car to the summit of the mountain and discover the breathtaking panorama of Lake St-John.

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