Authentic "Company Town" of the 1920s





Val-Jalbert offers a show about the forest and the production of pulp, a fully immersive and spectacular interpretation produced with the investment of $ 1.2 million. This show is in the old mill, in the grinders’ room. It put the visitor in the heart of an "unique" and "distinctive" experience! The grinders’ room is particularly conducive to an immersive sensory experience and perfect for a grandiose and spectacular show. The technology revive in a big way the factory and its workers, village life, weather, and nature. It also helps to amplify the dramatic effects that have marked the life of the village and factory, not to mention the ghosts without which Val-Jalbert would not be Val-Jalbert...

Visit the pulp mill in Val-Jalbert!

This activity is essential, since without the existence of the mill, the village of Val-Jalbert would never have existed.

You will make amazing discoveries

  • The foundations of the pulp mill
  • Parts of machinery and equipment of the time, including Barking (for debarking logs!), A turbine and disintegrator (to extract the wood fibers!), The remaining pump pulp presses hydraulic and more!
  • The scales models room will give you an angle of view of Val-Jalbert added in the early 20th century. You will learn and experience the six (6) steps of production of the pulp for the newpapers in the 1920 era.

Learn more about the fabulous history of the pulp mill.

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