Authentic "Company Town" of the 1920s

Guided tours

Guided tours

Guided tours

Guided tours on board the Balade (trolleybus)

There’s no time to get bored on this old trolleybus, where you’ll hear an array of true stories and revealing anecdotes about the activities of the workers, the region’s history and daily life in the village. The tour includes presentations featuring typical characters: Val-Jalbert’s mayor, Superintendant Lapointe, Mr. and Mrs. Thibeault from the plateau, the school-convent nuns, the village priest, the workers and many more. The highlight of the tour remains the impressive Ouiatchouan Falls located near the pulp mill. A practiced eye might even see the Province of Québec!

Walking tour of the village

Visitors can explore the village at their own pace on the picturesque trails. Whether the trails follow the river, climb up to the plateau or cross the village, they will lead you naturally toward the different landmarks of the site, where costumed characters will help you discover the heritage buildings and teach you about the village’s history and the daily life of its inhabitants.

Take your time and admire the wonders of nature along the canyon trail: the undergrowth, the mini-canyon dug by the river, the silver birch surrounding the church’s foundations… Less than a kilometre long, this trail can be accessed at the exit of the visitor centre and is perfect for any hiker, regardless of their level of ability.

Self-guided tour of the mill

Almost a hundred years ago, Val-Jalbert was a technological flagship. Twenty-five years before the rest of Québec, the village’s residents enjoyed electricity and running water. Dozens of workers bustled about in the barking hall and boiler room and around the mill’s gigantic presses. Wood pulp was produced and sent to the USA to be transformed into paper. The mill is now became an interpretive centre on the technology of that time period.

New in the Village


Journée emploi, un travail sur mesure à Val-Jalbert

Vous ou un(e) ami(e) êtes à la recherche d'un travail sur mesure ? Entrez dans l'histoire en rejoignant l'équipe du Village historique de Val-Jalbert. Plusieurs postes disponibles. Salaires et avantages compétitifs !

Venez nous rencontrer le 9 mars prochain lors de la journée «un travail sur mesure» au pavillon d'accueil de 8h à 18h. Accès sur le site, café et biscuits gratuits après dépôt d'une candidature.

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