Authentic "Company Town" of the 1920s




Theatrical shows

Follow the story of the village of Val-Jalbert depicting community life in the village between 1921 and 1927. Political debates, the omnipresence of the Church and the dynamism of youth unfurled in a fascinating day full of hope.

The villagers reveal to you through a myriad of pictures and animation characters, the story of Val-Jalbert (in french only).

En savoir plus

The convent-school 
Class* and lessons with the sisters… Reflecting the Val-Jalbert ways of 1921

The general store 
Villagers assemble at 11 :30am, 12: 45pm and 4 :30pm
Happy shopping Mrs Thibeault!

The post office 
Ms Linteau is up on all the latest goings-on.

Animated gatherings

The interpreters gather at the general store at 11:30 am, 12:45 and 4:30 pm from June 17th to August 20th for special activities. Children are welcome to participate!

Old fashioned photography studio

Various costumes and backdrops are available at the butcher shop for visitors who wish to have their period portrait* taken. An original keepsake or gift.

*Available from June 17th untill August 20th, 2018 and September 1-2; September 8 and 9th

New in the Village


2 septembre - Piscine fermée/ Pool closed


Sauf avis contraire, la piscine sera exceptionnellement fermée le 2 septembre 2018. Les jeux d'eau seront ouverts de 12h à 18h.

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