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Authentic "Company Town" of the 1920s

Shared memories

Shared memories

Shared memories

Val-Jalbert in words

Based on an intimate documentary approach, the project “Shared memories: Val-Jalbert in words” consists of three video capsules of seven to eight minutes, in which former residents and their descendants testify to life in this village as well as their attachment. and their pride in belonging to this unique place. These capsules, as fun as they are moving, highlight the memory of those who have lived directly or indirectly in Val-Jalbert. "Shared memories: Val-Jalbert in words" add an emotional dimension to the history of this village and bring visitors to a renewed understanding of Val-Jalbert because directly told by those who knew him intimately.

The screens, intelligently integrated and merging with the ambient decor, come to life as visitors approach and come alive with memories, anecdotes and many lessons. A touching and precious ethnological documentary.

"Shared Memories: Val-Jalbert in words" is presented in three different places in the Historic Village:

  • The Tremblay's house
  • The Duchesne's House
  • The school covent


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